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 Ministry tools:

he General Conference  have developed a wide variety of cutting edge tools for local churches, many of which are absolutely free. With the click of a mouse, you can take advantage of these resources and sharpen up your congregation’s programs. edit by: Cordel Brown

An assortment of Bible studies resources for various ages from The Voice of Prophecy

 Children’s Ministries – General Conference (GC)
News stories, statements on issues, resource guides, and more . . .  

 Step by step instructions on setting up and conducting a men's ministries program. 
Curriculums for family life leaders and links to more resources. 
Chirdren's stories, sermons, seminars, and more. . .  
Mission publications for various age groups, links to free DVDs . . . 
Step by step intstructions for setting up a local church personal ministries program
Step by step intstructions for setting up a Pathfinders ministry
Print out copies of copies of the Adult Bible Study Guide for Sabbath School.

Bible studies, sermons, newsletters, program ideas   

Youth Ministry Resources – GC
 Bible readings, devotionals, manuals, documents, and much more 

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