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Hello my Friend,

Welcome to our page and accept greetings and best wishes for 2014. We greet you
with the news that our years of hard work was rewarded with our dedication over the first week end in 
December of 2013, so now we are closer to the projected goal for our building. Still some minor finishing 
touches but “to God be the glory”. In the same breath we said goodbye to Pastor Maurice Chambers, and 
his family who after serving us with distinction for almost five years has been transferred to the Mount 
Salem Circuit. We wish him well.

As his successor, I welcome you to this new phase in the life of this church. It is my hope that we can 
move the church to another level, building on what has been accomplished under Pastor Chambers’ 
regime. We welcome you to a renewed and rejuvenated experience. Our anticipation is high and 
pulsating with excitement created by the prospects of building timeless and priceless friendships, and 
cross cultural exchanges that awaken and expand our imaginations..

I welcome you to a new and exciting dimension in the life of our church as apocalyptic events are
creating an awareness for the Adventist Church that its remnant teachings are now been validated. It’s 
time for us to commit ourselves to the conventions, distinctive doctrines, and practices that make this 
Church unique. Welcome to a calculated effort at making Adventism attractive, enticing and "user 

Commitment, dedication and spiritual maturity must become unquestionable hallmarks we intend to
make church life practical and expose our people to a better understanding of our doctrines. We aim to 
build a generation next that will embrace the joys and responsibilities of being part of this distinctive 
movement of sacrifice and destiny. Join us when you can for the absorbing, electrifying, sobering and 
faith building worship sessions for which we will become known, and anticipate the informative seminars 
that I will conduct on family issues, social concerns and personal development. 

May this era of “life, at Norwood” build your faith, deepen your commitment and win your loyalty to the
extent that your total allegiance will be to our “soon coming King”.

Yours Truly,
C. Tidene Brevitt (Pastor)



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