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Young hikers take gospel to Solomon Islands’ jungles

It all began in 2014 when a group of young people from the capital of the Solomon Islands went on...

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A new worship center is becoming a Center of Influence in Costa Rica

A new worship center in San Jose, Costa Rica, is becoming a center of influence thanks to a commi...

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Resources for the blind available to all people in the world

Christian Record Services for the Blind in collaboration with General Conference Special Needs Mi...

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New Movie Spearheads Five-Month Evangelism Campaign in North America

Creators say ‘The Mysterious Note’ is useful for fundraising and to reach the community.

A Division in Search of Accountable, Motivated, and Productive Leaders

South Pacific region focuses on intentional leader development across the region.

Church Leaders Get a Lesson on Marmite and Mission

Adventist Mission director Gary Krause discusses mission development.