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MISSION STATEMENT General Conference Office of Women's
MinistriesThe office of women's ministries exist to uphold, encourage and challenge
Adventist women in their pilgrimage as disciples of Jesus Christ.Our mission is in the
larger sense common to all Christians-- that of uplifting Christ in the church and in
the world. But more specifically to:+ elevate women as persons of inestimable worth
because they have been created and redeemed.+ enable women to deepen their faithand experience spiritual growth and renewal. + build networks among women in the
world church to encourage bonds of friendship and mutual support and the creative
exchange of ideas and information. + mentor young Adventist women, encouraging their
involvement, and creating paths for them as they reach for their potential in Christ.+
address the concern of women in a global context.+ bring women's unique perspectives
to the issues facing the world church. + seek expanding avenues of dynamic Christian
service for women. + Challenge each Adventist women with her potential to complement
the gifts given to other women and men as they work side by side to further the global
mission of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.That out of the fullness, we as women
have personally found in Jesus Christ. we may be empowered to share the good news
within our families, among our fellow believers, and in every expanding circles in the
unsaved world.